Carole Robb Fine Art
A Celebrated Artist


Carole’s work is mainly Watercolor Batik.  She has been painting since she was 10 and loves to surround herself with color which you can find in her paintings.  She alternates many layers of watercolor washes and wax to create a unique transparent look with rich textural interest. Carole never knows what the art will look like until she removes all the wax.  It is always a surprise. Hopefully a happy one.

I would describe Carole as a very curious person who loves to explore all aspects of life.  She loves to paint, hike, run, play, snowshoeing, yoga, read, music and of course adventures. Some of her adventures include climbing Machu Picchu, hiking Half Dome, staying overnight in the Amazon Rainforest without being eaten, and learning how to scuba dive in the Grand Caymans. Her greatest adventure is keeping up with her grandchildren. Her day is always filled with new ideas and the hope to find the time to try to draw and paint everything.

Since 1984, Carole has been teaching art classes and exhibiting her work at Art Shows, She has exhibited her artwork throughout the Midwest and has won many awards. Many of her works are in private collections in the US and abroad.




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