Carole Robb Fine Art
A Celebrated Artist



This is my story of how I became an entrepreneur and started a business.

I always liked to draw and paint since I was a little girl.  It was something to do that I enjoyed.

I had six brothers and one wonderful sister.  My two older brothers loved to tease and chase me.  So I found a place to hide and draw until I could escape. You might say, I was always, drawing, painting, reading and even sewing.  I was always hiding from those two lovable brothers.

As I grew older, I started to share my ideas and projects with others. I guess I was a born teacher.  I came from a strong family that believed in a college education and I received a degree in Special Education. What I learned about myself is that I liked teaching.

When we moved to the new home and I became involved with my children’s Fun Fair and started a craft group.  Once a week, I taught a group of ladies a project for the Fun Fair Gift Store. We all had fun making crafts to sell and made a profit for the school. After awhile, the light bulb finally went on.  I could make this a business, I could teach and sell my work.

Yes, it was scary, but I had a supportive family help me with this decision.  By the way, I forgot to mention that I grew up in the business world.  My folks were in the restaurant business for thirty years. You might say I was learning business during the family dinner.

I started my art business in 1984 and I am still going strong.  The business has gone through many changes and is called Carole’s Studio.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Stay in touch to learn what is New With Carole.

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