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Contact Information and Frequently Asked Questions


What is watercolor batik?

Batik is thought of as a traditional wax resist Indonesian textile. With my work, I replace the traditional cloth with rice paper and the dyes with watercolors. I layer the wax and the color washes creating a delicate transparent look with rich textural interest.


What materials do you use to create this look?

I like to paint on rice papers and very fibrous papers.  I have tried many different waxes, but right now I am using canning wax which creates more cracks in the painting for the paint to enter.  I also like very pigmented colors to get brighter color washes. My favorites are Daniel Smith Watercolors.


What inspires my paintings?

My life, my surroundings, nature, animals, my travels and adventures, my family, and my hobbies. Looking at my art, it’s evident where I was in my life’s journey and what inspired me. My paintings are the storybook of my life.


Do you teach classes?

Yes, I do teach a few classes. The class is 4 hours. I will show you how to layer wax and watercolor washes to create a beautiful watercolor batik.  Click here to find this information


Is your artwork copyrighted?

Yes, my work is copyrighted.If you want to use one of my images on Facebook or share it on Pinterest, please credit me and provide a link back to this website. Do not copy my paintings or my style of art and call it your own.  Copying a breach of copyright.


Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do some commissions when I am not busy with Art Shows, classes, online stores, and other projects. You can email me with your questions. Click here for email.


Where can I buy originals?

You can buy my originals directly through my ETSY store or me.  Click here for the ETSY Store.


Where do I buy your work?

Right now you can purchase my work through my ETSY Store in the Shop Page. Click for my ETSY Store.

Click here


I See a painting in your gallery that is not in your ETSY Store.  How do I order this?

Please contact me directly, and I will help you with this.  Click here

How do I contact you?

Click here to email me




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