Carole Robb Fine Art
A Celebrated Artist

I live in Hartford Wisconsin in the Town of Erin where the spirit of the leprechaun lives. Please enjoy my paintings of flowers from my garden, the funny frogs from the pond, the dragonflies chasing the butterflies on the flowers, Sammy the squirrel eating the bird seed, and best of all, my grandchildren running around and creating colors in my world.

My technique is Watercolor Batik.  Some described my work as romantic, others whimsical and yet again contemporary.  I like to use color and more color to make my paintings pop.  My paintings tell my story and I wish you to share in my love of color.

Step into my gallery, stay awhile, be surprised and enjoy!


                               What are my customers saying

This print is BEAUTIFUL! The detail and the colors are amazing. Carole does beautiful work, I discovered her at an art fair and sought her out on Etsy to purchase more!

Colleen Bracy

The piece of art….. My dragonfly….. Is exquisite. They went out of their way to accommodate my wishes and the result was fantastic. I highly recommend.

Becca Huston

Four Lovable Dogs